Can you be allergic to fruit?

Lots of us are allergic to fruit and vegetables, especially broccoli and all those that are healthy, but taste horrible (if you want to eat them prepared in a healthy way, broccoli with cream and mozzarella doesn’t count). Or we’ll say that just to get out of eating them, opting for a nice burger or slice of pizza instead.

All jokes aside, fruit allergy is not an excuse for some people. Really. OAS (oral allergy syndrome or pollen-food syndrome) is an allergic reaction to certain types of proteins in some fruit, nuts and vegetables. Symptoms include itching and burning of the throat, mouth and lips. In some more severe cases people can experience swelling of the mouth, windpipe and throat, as well as rashes and hives. If you have a real fruit allergy, you’ll develop these symptoms within minutes of eating it, but they typically disappear very quickly. It might help if you drink water or eat something dry, like bread or baked potatoes.

People who suffer from OAS can eat canned or baked fruit without any issues, but problems arise when they eat it raw. This is because heat destroys the proteins that generate allergic reactions.

OAS occurs mainly in people who are allergic to pollen. It is diagnosed by skin tests. These people also have a history of typical mouth and throat symptoms.
If you like certain fruit, like apples, but are allergic, it might help to eat them peeled because the peel contains more proteins than the fruit itself. It would be best to cut up the fruit into small pieces and sprinkle it with lemon juice, letting it sit several minutes, as that neutralizes the proteins to an extent.

If you have a severe allergy to a certain type of fruit, but have consumed it for some reason, you will need an injection as soon as possible.
Your doctor or allergist can tell you more.